We know that a quality preparatory school is essential to child's success in the formal education. I choose Springdales because of its location, which is close to home, small class size, reasonable fees, caring teachers and friendly environment. The staff's are friendly and always willing to help. The teachers are smart, caring and approachable. When our daughter come home singing rhymes and stories she had learnt in school it swells my heart. I'm really impressed with Springdales and feel comfortable dropping my child off there. The greatest benefit is that the team at Springdales work with the parent and child to make sure everyone is comfortable. I like vibrant environment at the school which provides the right amount of structure and discipline. My daughter has had such a good experience at Springdales that she asks me daily, even on weekends, if she can go to school. Now we use it as a bargaining chip when she does not want to listen to us. We're truly blessed to have gotten a place at Springdales and I would recommend it to all my closest family and friends.

Saquib Waheed
(Manha Parents)

Pre-school years are the most important years for laying the foundation for a child. We are proud of choosing Springdales School for our daughter studying here is a pleasant experience for our daughter as it provides the best stress free atmosphere and culture special care is given to every child to increase the vocabulary and writing skills. The teachers and staff put in a lot of effort. We are satisfied and happy with Springdales. Thank you Springdales!

(Sudiksha Singh)

I still remember those days when we were in process of selecting a school for our little angel. Our entire family was involved in the brainstorming session which continued for days. My parents were very clear – "Only the very best for our dear granddaughter". After a lot of deliberation, the choice fell on Springdale's (N) school. Springdale's (N) School has not only nurtured my child into a good human being but has also helped her to excel academically. Today when I see my child talking in English, participating in various school activities, facing school interviews boldly, greeting elder with respect; then I realize that this was the best decision of my life. I thank God for having guided me.

(Mariam Ali)

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