What activities are included in each preschool lesson plan and why are they important?

Group Activities/Circle Time

Music & Movement is used to help develop large muscles in arms and legs. These need to be developed before children can be successful
in small muscles activities such as writing or cutting with scissors. This area also helps children learn to enjoy music and basics such as
beat, loud/soft and fast/slow.

Language and Literacy is how we help children learn vocabulary, story order, thinking skill, recall, concepts of the theme, and expressive
language. These are not only important in school and learning setting, but for future life experiences.

Small Group Activities/Table Times

Math & cognitive is used to teach numbers, shapes, patterns, sorting, thinking and reasoning skills.
Fine Motor Skills develop small muscles so that children are able to draw, write, manipulate small things, tear paper, and cut with scissors.
Language & Literacy is used to develop skills such as expressive writing, visual memory, matching letters, letter sounds, categorizing items, directional words, and opposites.
Other creative activities are included to develop their own uniqueness as an individual.

Free Time

Creative arts are used to draw, build, and develop their imagination.
Sensory activities are used to learn through exploration and using the five senses.
Dramatic Play & Social Development let children take on different roles, solve problems, find solutions, and develop social interactions.
Gross Motor helps children practice using large and small muscles in fun activities.
Field Trip Ideas help children use real place to learn about the world.

What makes our preschool lesson plans so different and so great?

All lesson plans include activities in the following areas:

Music & Movement
Language & Literacy
Math & Cognitive
Fine Motor Skill
Creative Arts
Dramatic Play & Social Development
Gross Motor
Field Trip Ideas

Do you have qualified teachers?

Yes, we have a unique team of teachers who are all early childhood education qualified. Head teachers are also qualified. All our teachers are very experienced in early childhood education.
They each have their individually strengths, skills, knowledge and attributes, they truly are a remarkable team of teachers.

Does my child have to attend every day?

Yes. This is for several reasons, with the most important one the well being of the child because the children are more settled when they attend every day. It gives them a sense of belonging and
consistency. Daily attendance also enables the children to from solid friendships. Another reason is that our focus is on education, and teachers need to be able to follow up the lessons with the child
on a daily basis. The class is far more settled, some lovely friendships have been created, and the children's achievements have been amazing.

Can my child be absent during the school days?

If the child is unwell, he/she can be absent but, it has to be reported to the school authority along with an application. When the child comes back to school after an illness, please provide a medical
certificate duly signed by the doctor. For any other reason, prior information has to be provided. Children can be absent for a maximum of three continuous days. Please discuss any absences for
longer than three days with the management.

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