At Springdales school, Ranchi the image of a child that we strive to build is one of a competent, strong, capable and full of potential.

We support the children through the "settling in" period when there is a temporary separation.

With this vital support, Children grow to feel secure and empowered. These positive traits raise their self-esteem, which is an important pre-requisite for effective preschool learning. We give them the tools to become confident and self-aware in a caring and stimulating environment.

Each day we provide a balanced approach towards learning, giving the parents peace of mind that their child is in safe hands. We recognize that the curriculum is more than what appears in manuals or a series of kindergarten activities. We believe the curriculum is everything that happens in the classroom from interaction and meals to singing and playing. We never miss an opportunity to educate. We develop in children the life skills that go beyond reading, writing, and maths.

We aim at overall personality development, leadership skill, and emotional growth of a child which is by harnessing the five basic skill of language, physical, emotional, social, and intellectual leading to a positive attitude and critical thinking. We have established a 'tradition of excellence” in academics, co-curricular activities, and holistic development.

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