Everything that sets Springdale's apart from other schools is rooted in three facts:
First, our reach into a pool of invaluable resources those stretch from
infrastructure to hygiene to state of art IT facilities. Second,we have a group of very dedicated,
self motivated and qualified teaching staff who are constantly taking care of the children's needs and desires.

Third, we completely understand and identify the concerns that parents have,
about their child's overall development in their absence and take utmost care to
ensure that these concerns are addressed to constantly.

The school houses an excellent state of art infrastructure comprising of smart classes
and learning areas promoting effective learning. Children grow and develop in reassuring
world bright classrooms, hygienic environment, safe and comfortable buses and best faculty.
The school also has a provision of on line accessibility for parents and student to keep them
updated with the latest school buzz including accessibility to class homework structure,
on line interaction with principal, lessons taught in class.

The top floor of the school houses a multipurpose auditorium where we host the assembly,
concerts, stage performances, lectures and gathering of all kinds.

24x7 security of the campus is ensured through strategically located surveillance
cameras and CCTV monitoring by trained security personal.


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