Your children may not remember you for the materialistic wealth you provided them,
instead they will remember you for the virtues you imbibed in them in becoming a noble human being;
because virtues are ever lasting and shall multiply in geometric progression.We adopted (bee) as a Mascot for us.
The symbolic meaning of a BEE is determined by observing its Behavior,Social Habits,Community and Environment.

A Bee is a highly social being achieving extraordinary things by working as a team.
Cooperation is the key to their success. They work together to build a community.
Bees are known to have a strong sense of Responsibility.This is a quality which is difficult
to imbibe in an adult; it cannot be forced and has to be carefully inculcated from childhood.
Bees are observant, they choose the best flower which gives the maximum extract and provides pollen in return,
thus it gives the flower more than it takes.Teaching us an important lesson on Relationship- don't demand,
give more and take just enough.

Bee are smart, hard working and follow strict discipline. Imagine ten thousand plus bees staying in a hive together
and no confusion within it, no interruption in the functioning of the hive. A hive is made of tightly packed
hexagonal cells. A hexagon has six sides; the number six is symbol of Love, communication,Balance and Union.
We regard Springdales to be like a hive with wholesome children- rearing,love,harmony and open communication amongst all.
They are highly adaptable to even drastic changes [new locations, temperature and environments] they never
sway from their goal and continue to evolve. We at Springdales, try to develop this innate sense of responsibility
and a desire to work in our children.

The end product of a Bees work honey represents Nourishment, Reward, Sweetness and Wealth.
This equates it to rewards achieved after an arduous undertaking. The bee works ceaselessly proving

At Springdales we strive to inculcate in your children the virtues that make them persons of strong character
A character which reflects integrity, honesty, simplicity and above all Nobility for the society and mankind.

So be busy like a bee!!!!!!!!
Do the purpose you are here to do with Humility and Synergy;
Take your fill, all while encouraging the flowers that you touch to come to Fruition.
When you do this, indeed, you will produce a remedy that heels Humanity,
Right from inside your very being.


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