Q6) How can we try to grow interest in our children towards eating healthy food?

A.6) Eating healthy is a learnt behaviour. If you want to interest your children in eating healthy food then you have to come up
with innovative ways of making food taste the way the child likes it.

Q7) What should we do to help our children take interest in studies and have good concentration?

A.7) To keep the child interested in studies it is important to emphasize the importance of knowledge over marks. Help them to
learn in innovative ways, and cultivate curiosity in them and ask questions. Completely avoid television before studies. Let children
play every day and encourage them to take up a hobby like sport, art, music or singing. Not in a competitive manner but to just
enjoy themselves.

Q8) If our children often gets bullied, what negative effects can arise in their personality in long run? How should we deal with this issue?
A.8) If your child is getting bullied at school then it is better to involve the teachers and school. If need be then your child’s class can be changed. At the same time, if it is not very serious, then, the child needs to learn to stand up for him/herself. Instead of telling the child what to do, discuss with them what they would like you to do. Ask them to come up with a solution. You can also talk to the parent of the child who is bullying your child.

Q9) How does shyness affects child’s creativity? How should we deal with shy children to make them little extrovert?

A.9) Shyness does not affect a child’s creativity. Confidence does. Many of the greatest poets and artists were introverts. You do not have to change your child. Rather it is more important that you accept your child the way he/she is. This increases their faith and belief in themselves which in turn increases their confidence. Shy children are more sensitive emotionally and as such need to be dealt with gently and positive encouragement about themselves and their capabilities. Praise them and appreciate their efforts rather than their result.

Q10) What is the reason behind the feeling of inferiority complex among children with their siblings, relatives or friends?

A.10) A child may feel inferior if he/she is made to feel that they are compared to others and how others are better than them. Change your way of communicating with the child to make it more positive. Sometimes as parents we tend to get so caught up in correcting and teaching the child the right way to be that we forget to appreciate the child for what he or she is.

Q11) If children are dyslexic or have mirror image problems in writing, they remain depressed.How should we deal with them?

A.11) The children probably get depressed because they think that there is something wrong with them. Show confidence in your child. Help your child learn in innovative manners. You can search on the internet for how to help children with dyslexia. Let the child know that everything with them is okay and that it’s just that their brains process information differently. And it doesn’t make them lesser than anyone else. Encourage your child to learn music singing or art craft and sports. They too need to feel that they are good at activities. Be patient and gentle with your child. With time it gets better. The most important thing to remember is that you have to truly believe that there is nothing wrong with your child. This faith in your child will help him/her the most. If you can find a special needs tutor then it’s a great option.

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These questions are answered by Dr. Namita Bhuta and Dr. Sangbarta Chattopadhyay [Child Counsellor, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Regression Therapist and Author of ‘SOUL SPACE’ column in T2 Telegraph

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